2018 interior design trends according to experts

In the world of interior design it is important to know the trends that are expected for the months to come. As in the field of fashion and all those sectors in which style and renewal count, even for those who design the environments it is important to keep up with the innovations that the market offers.
But what are the trends that we will see in 2018?
We went to consult some of the most followed and authoritative sites and blogs in the sector and summarize in this article what emerges in terms of 2018 trend.

Vintage, industrial style and ultra violet

The keywords that will mark 2018 design according to Pianetadesign are retro, a blend of modern and past, cuisine and strong colors.
According to the online magazine, vintage, accompanied by industrial style will have the best in this year's interior design, and the environment that will be most influenced by it is the kitchen. A strong recovery of antique objects is foreseen, inserted in modern contexts, bricks and exposed pipes, but also an intense use of wood and metal. The colors are those indicated by Pantone who has elected the Ultra Violet as the color of the year to which green and red will approach.
The practicality of the laminate and its traditional appearance is a perfect combination of modern and vintage, like this Living, Vision Syncro Parquet Gray.

Pink, the color that reassures

The blog "La tazzina blu", referring to AkzoNobel's Global Aesthetic Center, focuses on a color tone for 2018 called Heart Wood.
Inspired by wood tones, it is a reassuring, welcoming and comfortable color. In the article you can see practical examples of how this color, which sometimes resembles pink, sometimes dove-grey, can be inserted in the various contexts of interior design.
We have combined this shade with a parquet from the Oximoro Nec Square line

More than style, lifestyle for Houzz

The portal that is intercepting more and more interest from private and professionals in the field of living has prepared an article on the prospects towards the year 2018 related to the issues that affect our daily lives and thus our design and furnish.
Slow down and simplify the lifestyle, more and more people understand the value of time that should be savored and used fully. At home it turns into the choice of natural materials, relaxing shades and designing spaces dedicated to chill out and meditation.
Living in multi-purpose spaces as living spaces are increasingly reduced and often are both home and work space.
Desire for green and nature in contrast to city life. The new generations are attentive to the environment, more and more people feel the call to the land and if living in the countryside is not possible, then it is nature that enters our spaces.
Multifunction, like the walls of the Vertical system that are decorative, but also sound correcting, ideal in the office but also in the corner of the house dedicated to study and concentration.

Three-dimensional, fabric and vintage effect


The surfaces must give sensations, so wall and floor coverings must be made of matter and transmit an emotion that is both tactile and not only visual.

This, after Architempore, is one of the most felt trends of 2018. The real trend, which already had some previews in 2017, but which will explode in 2018, is the fabric effect applied to materials such as laminate and ceramic. And again vintage with the reproduction of cementine, geometric patterns and warm colors.

An example is our Vision Syncro Tiles, perfect also as wall covering.

What the designers do not want to see in 2018


Finally, we close with what we will no longer see, or at least with what the interior designers interviewed by AD Architecturaldigest would no longer like to see in this 2018.

Here is the list of what designers like Janie Molster, Michael Berman, Roger Higgins and Frank Ponterio have expressed:

• Long live the color, stop white,
Yes to fine wood and multi-layered finishes, stop to raw unfinished furniture,
Stop to pastel colors, yes to strong colors,
• The gress with effect wood has made its era, if you really want it, choose a different pattern, or go for real wood,
• Return to the attention to details and high quality materials,
• Enough with the combination of elements that seem to be collected at random and have no harmony between them.