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The design world does not live only during Salone

Our Polish partner Bel-Pol has just returned from the third edition of the 4 Design Days in Katowice, Poland, satisfied with this experience that is proving to be every year more and more dynamic and attractive.
The 4 Design Days is the biggest exhibition event dedicated to the design and interior architecture of Eastern Europe. An event that in four days concentrates all the stakeholders in a single large exhibition center. Architects, designers, producers and researchers were able to discuss and study the latest trends, compare styles and trends from all over the world and see the innovations launched in 2018.

where there is design, there is Skema

With Bel-Pol there was also Skema, our partner decided to present to the public a selection of Skema products such as *Lindura, *Nadura and Living Vision Syncro, and show the decorative value of our surfaces, ideal for projects that develop on more dimensions, not only floors but also walls.
The collections presented were worthy representatives of the Italian design of which Skema has always been a promoter, combining the attention to the typical aesthetics of our country with the most modern technologies in the world.
Beauty speaks a universal language that everyone must know, so it is important to be present not only at the Italian major event that is the Design Week, but we must bring our concept of design well beyond the boundaries, in all those great events that are poles of international interest.
The 4 Design Days in Poland is one of those events, a point of reference for a territory, that of Eastern Europe, increasingly dynamic, more and more attentive to the details of style, always faster to welcome the best brands of design.
It is no coincidence that these four days, dedicated to the perspectives of development of the real estate market, quality construction architecture and design, have seen the succession of discussions, presentations and conferences, as well as three hundred exhibitors with their innovative products.


* ATTENTION: from 2019 Lindura and Nadura change their names to Lumbertech and Evertech respectively. 

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