Skema’s New Integrated Communication in the Internet Era

In brick-and-mortar stores all over the world, something is happening less and less frequently. It's the case of a customer showing up with no specific info about the product she's looking for, and relying almost exclusively on the resident sales staff to take a decision on what to buy.

What made this (once daily) scenario obsolete is the Internet, which radically changed the way consumers decide what to buy and how.

Thanks to the huge amount of free information on any topic available on the interwebs, including reviews and comments from those who already bought a given product, consumers have now much more awareness when they enter a shop.

The Web is now the place where people put together the necessary pieces to take the decision to buy, while the traditional shop has a secondary role.

Furthermore, consumers are less and less sensitive to traditional ads, which constantly interrupt (while watching a movie, or reading an article for example), and are essentially a one-way type of communication. What customers want now from companies is useful information, and the possibility to start a direct conversation, before, during and after the purchase.

For companies, this means first of all a new and more important role of the website, which should go from being a virtual shopping window to a hub where these conversations can start.

A new communication strategy, for us and our customers

Skema shifted to this new communication approach a few months ago, and the fruits of our work so far brought three implementations: a monthly newsletter for our customers, and weekly updates of the News section on our website, as well as our social profiles such as Facebook and Pinterest.

Those are different communication channels, all bound together by a unique strategy, with two clear objectives.

One is to initiate and maintain a conversation with our customers, not only by talking about our initiatives, but by also providing useful, interesting and relevant information, without delegating this task to traditional advertisement.

Our second objective (and probably the more ambitious one) is to become a reference for, and provide practical help to, those customers who are interested in putting the Web at the centre of their marketing.

Modern web marketing will be one of the topics of the event at the Ducati headquarters in Borgo Panigale on the 4th of November.

We believe that this marketing model is within everyone's reach and that, while on the one hand it requires less financial investments, on the other it needs a constant effort to listen to customers and help them in their choices with passion and competence.