Engineering System applies the technology of Skema surfaces to sound-absorbing wall coverings. The result is the Vertical project, with the collections Fonika, Akustika, and Tekna.

Fonika and Akustika can be deployed for the acoustic correction of collective environments, while Tekna offers high protection and ease of cleaning for public and residential spaces.

Fonika's products are patented, and Fonika and Akustika are equipped with specific certifications. The whole system was conceived to combine high quality of finishes and a quick installation.

The Vertical project offers unlimited surfaces, decors and colors that can match perfectly with any wall or ceiling. Its collections are available both in the standard and in the Fire Retardant EU-certified versions. Also, textures can be modern or with natural elements.

Vertical draws inspiration from themes and trends of contemporary design and, in its three versions, is particularly suitable for Contract and Retail solutions.


Akustika: excellent soundproofing and comfort

Akustika is the latest addition to Vertical, and offers even higher levels of soundproofing. It was designed for cinemas, theatres, bars and restaurants, conference rooms, public spaces, workspaces and any environment where a high level of sound absorption is required, like airports.

Akustika combines an unlimited range of colors with great sound-absorbing qualities and fast assembly, even on pre-existing structures. Thanks to its laminated finish, the product is also resistant and easy to clean.

The system is composed of planks or panels, designed in order to form a pattern of cavities, where sound dispersion takes place.


Fonika: the best in acoustic insulation

Thanks to its exclusive system of resonant cavities, Fonika guarantees an excellent acoustic performance, at the same time offering a refined design and custom formats, decors and finishes.

The main elements of Fonika's system are its planks. When these are joined together to cover the surface to soundproof, their particular design (which follows Helmholtz resonator principle) creates resonant cavities, connected to the surface by slots. The cavities are then filled with mineral fiber mats, which disperse the sound.


Tekna: sound absorption and bespoke design

Tekna is a collection of double walls for the covering of vertical surfaces with various heights.

It offers the widest range of decors - more than 300, using HPL surfaces - which can easily blend with doors and pieces of furniture, thus creating a uniform space.

Tekna can be combined with Akustika to obtain outstanding soundproofing results. In addition, with the application of digital printing, Tekna becomes a surface to re-design the space.

Tekna is available in 1400mm (boiserie) or 2800 mm (full height) panels, for both horizontal and vertical assembly. For this reason, three different widths are available.

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