Sensations Come First: The Mood Experience Revolution

In the design world, there is a 180° change happening across the board. According to this new perspective, materials, colours and shapes are no longer the starting point of a project. Rather, it all starts from the combinations, the sensations, and the style one wants to express.

Once the cornerstone of a project, materials are now becoming a means to an end, a tool for the designer's creativity. It's a change in approach that in turn creates further changes.

First of all, there are different questions to be asked: from “what material should be used?” to “what sensations should be conveyed?”

And the showroom changes as well, going from an organised layout of materials to a palette of colours, surfaces, finishes, which allow to fix the specific style and mood of an environment. From this particular mood, the designer will create the tri-dimensional solid space.

This new type of language is called mood experience.

Skema becomes part of the change

Mood experience and integrated communication will be the two main topics of Skema's event on the 4th of November at Ducati's headquarter in Borgo Panigale. During the event, we'll take the opportunity to illustrate how we intend to be part of this revolution of design's language and thought, by implementing it ourselves, and by trying to promote it to our customers.

Here is the program of the event:

10:00 AM         Welcome and coffee

10:15 AM         Conference at the auditorium

12:30 PM         Buffet lunch at the Ducati museum

2:00 PM           Guided tour to Ducati's factory

4:00 PM           Closure


Address of Ducati's HQ:

Via Antonio Cavalieri Ducati, 3

40132 Bologna (Emilia Romagna)

Click here to see the map.

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