Line: Resilient floorings



SINTESY Star.Wood combines the best of two worlds. The finishes and authenticity of pure wood meet the technology and performance of SPC. Low thickness, ideal for renovations, resistance to water, fire reactione class Cfl-s1 and dry laying are the values of the vinyl world that Star.Wood combines with a surface in real noble wood, painted, with nature or rustic finishes. A wooden floor, with SPC backing and pre-bonded IXPE matting, available in two sizes, 1218x165 mm and 1900x190 mm, with a total thickness of just 7 mm.

Finishes: WOOD
Appearance: WOOD
Size: 1900x190x7 mm / 1218x165x7 mm
Color: Medium
Bevel: 4V MICRO

Floor heating: Suitable
Wall: No
Fire Reaction: Cfl-s1
Dovetail: PLS

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