Line: Resilient floorings



Conne.X is a rigid vinyl floor, with Skema S.P.C. technology, equipped with extruded vinyl panel charged with calcium carbonate and an integrated acoustic panel, made by Skema Tecnology.
Made flexible with a reduced thickness of 4.5 mm (+1 mm preassembled underlayer).
The 0.55 mm transparent vinyl layer is reinforced with PU that allows its use in high traffic commercial environments (cl 33) and makes it easy to be cleaned and bacteria-proof, so that it has the sanitary and environmental A+ certification.


Finishes: WOOD
Item code: 1200
Appearance: WOOD
Size: 1829x218x6 mm
Color: Medium

Bevel: 4V MICRO
Floor heating: Suitable
Wall: No
Fire Reaction: Bfl-s1
Dovetail: TLS 5G

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