Resilient Floorings

Sintesy Vinil Floorings are characterized by the exclusive use of original recyclable material. Moreover, the vinyl has no phthalates and the A+ certification which characterizes the high quality and healthiness of the compounds. With reduced thicknesses and great flexibility in application they offer multiple solutions. They have always been appreciated for their low sound reverberation, antibacterial and anti-slip properties. With the innovative SPC Star.K range and the introduction of CONNE.X, which well represent the new category of Rigid Vinyls, new levels of performance are achieved for a stable and totally water-repellent result and with installation both on the floor and on the wall, even in wet environments such as bathrooms or that require more attention such as sanitary spaces.

FORMAT: 1498x300x6 mm


With Sintesy Star.ks, the Skema's vinylic LVT-SPC technology acquires a new value: the End-less French herringbone design. With the syncrophore design, it permit a simplified installation confirming all the technologic properties of the Star.k floor: TLS-5G locking system, pre-coupled underlayer, semirigid inner panel in CaCo3. New decors for an increasingly innovative synthetic wood.

FORMATO: 1829x218x6 mm / 914x457x6 mm


SINTESY STAR.K is a heterogeneous vinyl flooring of big measurement characterized by its dimensional stability. Star.k is a LVT new generation flooring, reinforced and loaded with CaCo3 minerals, provided with an extruded panel that makes it semi-rigid but flexible, strong and stable even if exposed to high temperature leaps. It is provided with acoustic pre-assembled underlay, it does not fear humidity. It is available in wooden- or matter-effect decors.

FORMAT: 1500x220x6 mm


Thanks to the register technology used in these decors, the realism of the floors increases considerably, where each knot corresponds to its relief on the surface and each vein to its depression. Synchropore technology allows the charm of real wood to be highlighted, giving an ultra-realistic and natural optical and tactile effect to the floors.


FORMAT: 1210x457x4 mm / 914x457x4 mm


STAR.KW is the version for vertical application (and not only) of the STAR.K floor, from which it takes some materic decors giving the possibility to renovate rooms where water is the protagonist also creating elegantly minimalist situations. Reduced thickness, for easier application, possibility of creating external corners in continuity with the folding system. Available in one size of important dimensions (1210x457x4) and with VLS interlocking system for a simple and fast glued installation. The new size can also be installed on the floor due to its abrasion resistance of 0,30 also in this case with glued installation.

FORMATO: 1219x229x5 mm / 914x914x5 mm


SINTESY FIT.LAY is LVT self-laying flooring that leaves room for creativity. Thanks to its specific back layer structure that adheres to the flooring it can be leaned down, making the installation and removal very quick. It can also be installed in permanent or semi-permanent way. The laying system without joints (sharp cut) allows you to cut and shape the floor, creating customized geometries and easily adding different decorative elements. FIT.LAY is suitable for inspectable raised floors and for large surfaces and it is proposed in ten original decorative: wood effect, resin effect and tatami effect.

FORMAT: 1500x180x5,5 mm


Conne.X is a rigid vinyl floor, with Skema S.P.C. technology, equipped with extruded vinyl panel charged with calcium carbonate and an integrated acoustic panel, made by Skema Tecnology.
Made flexible with a reduced thickness of 4.5 mm (+1 mm preassembled underlayer).
The 0.55 mm transparent vinyl layer is reinforced with PU that allows its use in high traffic commercial environments (cl 33) and makes it easy to be cleaned and bacteria-proof, so that it has the sanitary and environmental A+ certification.


FORMATS: 1219x184x3 mm


SINTESY TOUCH is a heterogeneous vinyl flooring (LVT Luxury Vinyl Tile) with a special patented support for removable installations with integrated Permanent-Touch adhesive. Suitable for any even substrates including existing raised floors. A practical, ready-to-install elegant flooring thanks to the TOUCH AND STOP system, it is extremely easy to clean and maintain. With its wood- and stone-effect decors, this collection pleases and satisfies the eye giving all environments a cosier look.