Line: Composite Wood Floorings


Evertech floor is the compound of wood powder and melamine resin that have combined the flexibility of wood and the resistance of stone, result of years of research that have produced a real new material. Thanks to the patended Wood Powder, it is ultra-performant and impact resistant, with a reduced thickness. Evertech is a new floor concept, totally recyclable, mass-coloured and structured on the surface, available in several textures and colours that also replicate also to the touch elements such as rock, concrete or metal. Available in two sizes, from 2020 the rectangular format (853x395x10.5mm) is equipped with the Hydro tech-nology, which makes it hydro-resistant to water stagnation for 24 hours, thus becoming even more perform-ing and ideal in environments such as bathrooms, kitchens, wellness centres, gyms and changing rooms.

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