Line: Composite Wood Floorings

LUMBERTECH 205 Varnish

The Lumbertech engineered wooden flooring range, in the Varnish version, is designed to offer a unique experience where the naturalness of wood is enhanced. The varnish used for the surface is zero gloss, for a matt effect that maintains the authentic appearance of the wood and protects it from mechanical and chemical stresses. It is also formaldehyde-free and non-toxic. A durable varnish, safe even for children, easy to maintain and eco friendly, in accordance with the philosophy of the Lumbertech range, made with 1/8 of noble wood compared to traditional pre-finished wooden floors. Lumbertech Varnish is Hydro24, antibacterial, PEFC™ certified. Available in two versions: in 2200x270x11 mm size and in 2200x205x11 mm size. 

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