Living laminate floors comply with Italian CAM

Minimum Environmental Criteria (CAM) are the environmental requirements defined to identify the best products, design solutions and services from an environmental point of view.

CAM are mandatory criteria to operate in the public procurement sector in Italy and were defined in the Plan for the Environmental Sustainability of Consumption in the Public Administration Sector and were adopted by Decree of the Italian Ministry of Ecological Transition.

It is therefore strategic to comply with the CAM in one's own sphere if one wants to enter the specific public sector market that has embarked on a clear ecological and sustainable path.

All LIVING proposals








comply with the Minimum Environmental Criteria required in the building sector and regulated by italian Ministerial Decree No. 256 of 23 June 2022, Official Gazette No. 183 of 6 August 2022 - in force since 4 December 2022.

Mandatory CAM for the Italian public sector

The minimum CAM environmental criteria to be met by laminate flooring are:
Material emissions

Acoustic comfort


Treated or recycled raw material

Sustainability of wood

Flooring and wall coverings

Renewable materials

The LIVING line meets the listed requirements and is therefore suitable for use in public commissions, thanks to its features:

it is floating, free from the structure, does not use glue in laying, can be partially or completely removed from the structure. It is recyclable as flooring, depending on the state of wear it is in.

In addition, product tests have proven the healthiness of the flooring thanks to the very low VOC emissions in indoor environments attested by the A+ classification according to French decree no. 321/2011.

SKEMA's laminate floors are also PEFC™ certified, certifying that the wood comes from sustainably managed forests.

All these requirements and certifications make SKEMA's LIVING laminate floors suitable for constructions that must comply with certification protocols that guarantee compliance with strict standards for achieving environmental sustainability and therefore for operating in the public building sector.

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