Flooring for bathrooms, gyms, wellness centres by SKEMA

Sintesy, Living and Lumbertech are the three SKEMA lines that allow you to cover all places where water is the protagonist with floating, seamless and water-resistant floors.

Bathrooms, kitchens, gyms, fitness areas, changing rooms and wellness centres are all places where the floor is required to be water-resistant. For all these environments, SKEMA has created a range of solutions from totally water-repellent SPC Sintesy floor and wall coverings to Living laminate and Lumbertech engineered wood flooring with Hydro24 technology.

These solutions are ideal especially when renovating or refurbishing, but they are also perfect for new interiors, as they allow you to have a functional and immediately usable space in a short time, without structural work and without waiting time, even covering existing floors.

Tile-free and grout line free bathroom

The SPC Sintesy flooring line allows all surfaces in a bathroom to be covered with the wood effects of Star.K or Conne.X or the stone effects of Star.Kd. 
Not only can the floor be totally protected from water, but also the walls of the entire bathroom, including the shower and bathtub can be if you choose to cover them with Star.Kw.
The options with Sintesy are so many that, in addition to the many decors, you can also choose the Star.Ks version that combines the advantages of SPC with the herringbone pattern or the Star.Kr version with synchropore technology for an even more realistic wood effect.

Bathroom in Sintesy Star.Kd and Star.Kw

Wooden floors without worries

Lumbertech wooden flooring and the SPC+wood hybrid Star.Wood are the solution for those who want to install a real wood floor even in wet rooms without too many worries.
Here, all domestic, but especially public areas such as relax areas, gyms, hotel rooms, can enjoy a 24-hour water-resistant wooden floor.

Gymnasium in Lumbertech walnut

Hydro laminate for drop-proof total look rooms

The collections with Hydro technology of the Living laminate line, K-Uno Hydro, Prestige Hydro, Syncro Parquet Hydro and Vision Oxid Hydro, are designed to bring this type of flooring, famous for its practicality, warmth and ease of cleaning, into all domestic or public environments. Thus, a total room look can be realised. For example, Living Hydro floors are ideal for a flat where you want to give continuity between all the rooms and enhance the volumes. Or in a hotel room, so that even the bathroom has the same style as the rest of the room with a floor that is warm and at the same time practical and hygienic.

Dressing room in Living K-Uno Hydro

The SPC Sintesy surfaces

Star.K - waterproof SPC with high dimensional stability
Star.Kd - SPC collection of all stone, concrete and metal effects
Star.Ks - water-resistant herringbone pattern perfect for public environments
Star.Kw - to cover walls 
Star.Kr - wood effect with synchropore technology
Star.Wood - the first hybrid wood + SPC
Conne.X - Super-thin SPC with reinforced surface for applications in commercial environments

Living Hydro laminate flooring

K-Uno Hydro - large format and synchropore technology
Prestige Hydro - advanced TLS-PLUS joint and AC5 surface resistance
Syncro Parquet Hydro - practical and resistant herringbone pattern
Vision Oxid Hydro - material effects for modern style designs


The engineered wood floor is impact-resistant and equipped with Hydro technology that protects it from water stagnation.

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