At Fuorisalone ’23 SKEMA presents the MOLECOLE event

During Milan Design Week 2023, SKEMA presents MOLECOLE, the artist Ivan De Menis' installation in the SKEMA TORTONA 37 space.

The exhibition will be open to the public during all the days of the Fuorisalone from 2.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m., in Via Tortona 37 at the Decor Lab venue.

MOLECOLE When art atomises matter

SKEMA asked artist Ivan De Menis to develop a language that would express the theme dear to the company on the relationship between matter and surface. The result is an exhibition where art atomises matter through works that highlight all the most topical questions on the concept of function, performance and symbolism of materials.
The language constructed by the artist has expressed that labile dimension where the dream becomes matter and surface, starting from his long research on the combination of colour, matter and light, claiming by layers.

SKEMA, art and matter

SKEMA's 30-year history has always been firmly intertwined with both the world of art and the world of materials. And it could not be otherwise, since both art and business in the world of performance surfaces call for a profound and always open analysis of the relationship between beauty, ethics, the use of materials and human ingenuity. 

Presenting MOLECOLE within the framework of Fuorisalone 2023 is the manifesto of the intention to rethink the relationship with matter and its stratifications, through the work of an Italian artist who has built his entire research path on this dialogue.

IVAN DE MENIS is a forerunner in the research on stratification and the use of liquid matter that is transformed. With it, he manages to achieve the depths and luminosity typical of the molecular nature and matter of sidereal space. 
His works are characterised by the use of colour in the manner of 'Venetian tonal painting', which, with volume and sculptural cut, become the foundation of the work.

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