6 Show-Rooms, 6 Styles, 6 Skema Solutions

SKEMA's wide range of surfaces gives all general contractors, architects and interior designers involved in showrooms and retail business the opportunity to choose performance floor and wall coverings that reflect the desired style.

The exhibition concept has changed and there is an increasing desire to express lifestyles in the round, rather than simply showcasing products. Coatings are also among the elements to be carefully evaluated, no longer just building products, but elements to imprint brand identity.

Thanks to the great variety of solutions and decors, there are many furnishing or renovation projects in showrooms and retail shops where SKEMA floor coverings have been chosen.
Products selected for their practicality and resistance, hygienic, antistatic, easy to clean, resistant to high foot traffic; but also surfaces chosen for their aesthetic appeal and the style they manage to convey.

6 shops chose 6 SKEMA solutions

Different styles and different needs, where the common point is the choice of SKEMA solutions, ranging from Living laminate flooring to Sintesy SPC flooring, choosing the elegance of Yles wood patterns or the strength of Lumbertech engineered wood, and there are those who have chosen the functionality of Sonora products to furnish and at the same time improve sound distribution.

In Florence, the Lube Showroom chooses the elegance of Yles TARSIA Carbo wood

The Febal Casa showroom with the practical and sustainable LUMBERTECH Oil Rovere Arenal in Milan's Brera district

The Casa di Patsi furniture shop in Athens with K-UNO HYDRO Indian Oak laminate flooring

Fabiani Gioiellerie shops with elegant SYNCRO PARQUET HYDRO Ungherese Rovere Naturale laminate

Stone effect with SPC STAR.KD Resina for the Ottica Bonora shop in Molinella (BO)

Soundproofing, furniture and lighting with TRAMETES CIRCLE at the Samsung Point in the Tech Village Mediaworld in Rome 4

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