10 inspiring locations for projects in 2023

Let's start 2023 with a gallery that we hope will make you dream a little, but which is first and foremost meant to be an inspiration for your interior projects this year.
An excursus among SKEMA products with ten settings, both indoor and outdoor, ranging from the traditional Oximoro wood to the engineered Lumbertech wood, from the timeless laminate of the Living line to the practical and versatile SPC of the Sintesy line and finally many examples of the Outside line, with WPC becoming the protagonist of evocative landscapes, both in summer and in winter.

From Organica: Oximoro and Lumbertech

The new Oximoro Palladio S650 Rovere Maser features herringbone laying.

References: Private home - Sciacca - Vaccaro Parquet 

Oximoro Opera Evo Originale, a floor where the surface processing emphasises the colour of the wood.

References: Figus private home - Cagliari

Lumbertech's strengthened wood in the oiled version.

References: Private home - Chelli Roversi - ph. Simone Nocetti

Multilayer flooring Sistema

The timeless Living Facile + available in many decors, including Rovere Loira.

References: Private home - Alassio - Arredamenti Pietro Briozzo

The versatile SPC Star.K in a domestic version.

References: Private home - Il Parquet di Busatta Enrico e Giuseppe

Star.KS to bring the beauty of herringbone laying into public spaces.

References: Hotel Villa Otton - Charzykowy, Poland - Bel-Pol Eurostandard - ph. Daniel Frymark

WPC Outside for all seasons, for all contexts 

One of the classic proposals, Marina Compact, used for the terraces of hillside flats with lake views.

References: Private homes - Condor Pavimenti

Greenhouse - showroom with Outside Marina Pacto Linosa, one of the latest proposals launched by SKEMA.

References: VeniceGreen corporate showroom - Venice 


Breathtaking views to be enjoyed every day from the Outside Marina Real Teak.

References: Private Home - Lake Maggiore - Condor Pavimenti

Dreaming of summer and diving into the pool with Outside Marina Pacto Panarea.

References: Above ground lined pool - private home - Treviso

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