The new Skema product Star.Wood

Wood or SPC? Today you can choose the benefits of both with Sintesy Star.Wood, which combines the best of both worlds.
The finishes and authenticity of the wood material in its natural purity meet the technology and performance of SPC in this innovative Skema proposal. Included in the Sintesy line for the many qualities it brings from the world of resilients, but also winking at Organica for the offer of a floor with an authentic noble wood surface.
The novelty of Star.Wood lies in the structure with which it is made: the support is in SPC with pre-coupled IXPE mattress but the surface is covered with an oak noble wood veneer only 1 mm thick.

Less is more

The low total thickness of just 7 mm makes Star.Wood an ideal solution in the field of renovation, as it can be laid dry without having to remove existing floors.
The ability to exploit the very low thickness of the noble wood veneer brings two other notable advantages. The first, environmental, is to reduce the exploitation of the raw material for its production, the second is a technical advantage, because the low thickness of the wood combined with the SPC panel, allows to improve the mechanical performance of the floor.

Nature and technology

Low thickness, ideal for renovations, water resistance for laying in damp environments such as bathrooms and kitchens, fire resistance that makes it suitable for public areas, these are the qualities that Star.Wood gathers from the world of vinyls and combines with the characteristics of the real wood floor, varnished, available in the nature or rustic appearance classes. A wooden floor available in two sizes 1218x165 mm and 1900x190 mm with a total thickness of just 7mm.

The 5 finishes of Star.Wood

For its market launch Skema offers the new Star.Wood in five finishes:
Rovere Pinot
Rovere Whisky
Rovere Arabica
Rovere Cognac
Rovere Champagne

Benefits of Star.Wood:

  • Real noble wood with low thickness
  • Floating installation and suitability for renovations
  • PLS-type interlocking
  • Saving of the natural resource wood
  • Mechanical resistance
  • Fire resistance Cfl, therefore suitable for public use
  • Water resistance, suitable for use in wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens
  • Absence of phthalates and toxic heavy metals 
  • Very low VOC emissions