SKEMA30 the 30th anniversary Skema event

On 30 June, Skema officially celebrates its first 30 years with the SKEMA30 event at its headquarters in Ponte di Piave, in the province of Treviso.

30 years of relationships, of projects, of solutions. 
We will celebrate this great milestone with a big openday to which all SKEMA stakeholders will be invited. An event where we can immerse ourselves in what for us is the track towards the future of Living Wellbeing and where we want to cast a glance at the symbolic horizon of 2030, which in the sphere of Sustainable Development is considered a crucial year for the achievement of the goals defined by the UN in the Agenda2030 action programme.

The relationship between design, nature and sustainability.

SKEMA30 will be a day where once again relationships will be the protagonists, and our headquarters will become the centre of seminars and workshops in which experienced professionals and academics will speak.

The aim of the meetings during SKEMA30 is to investigate the relationship between design, nature and sustainability with a view to Living Wellbeing. 
In the three workshops organised, we have invited experts in the field. They will be involved in investigating the meaning of the relationship between these aspects, which are fundamental in interior design today.

They will be opportunities to become aware of how products have no value if they are not put in relation to those who design them, produce them, buy them, resell them, dispose of them, reuse them.

The key to everything is there: in the relationship and synergy created between people, between objects, between environments, between companies.

SKEMA30 will also be the extension of the story developed for the Salone del Mobile.Milano. The visual with its constellation of products presented at S.Project will find a new location in the company headquarters and will allow all participants to live the immersive exhibition experience under the sign of Evolutionary Design.