Skema's Environmental Consciousness at the Salone del Mobile.Milano

Sustainability. A word very much in vogue today, often misunderstood, because within it it accommodates so many meanings and so many practices.

Skema has long wondered about it and has always carried out practices aimed at sustainability. 
Product sustainability, process sustainability, environmental sustainability, energy sustainability? In the end we arrived at a big question to which we have tried to give our answer.



"What does sustainability mean and how does it relate to design?"

Sustainability is relation 

Our idea will be shown at the Salone del Mobile.Milano and will be one of the main themes related to the concept of evolutionary design.

For us, design is in a virtuous relationship with the environment and the people who use it. Skema's environmental consciousness can be seen in its eco-friendly products and made following the 4Rs of the circular economy: Reuse, Recycle, Recover and Reduce.

A sustainability that involves and relates the production processes, which at Skema are certified, the selection of traceable raw materials, such as wood, or coming from recycled sources, such as soundproof fabrics, or again, recyclable like all SKEMAidea solutions, presented at the 60th edition of the Salone del Mobile, within S.Project, not by chance the area of the event most oriented to the theme of sustainability.  

An important and at times cumbersome theme, which confronts us with great responsibilities towards the present, but above all towards the future, to which we can only give full meaning if we relate sustainability to man, the environment and the products we design.