Lumbertech 205, also original in format

Lumbertech Varnish 205 is the proposal of the engineered wood flooring line with an original format. A new size for Lumbertech, 2200x205x11mm, narrower and more slender than the traditional format of the varnished version.

Available in oak and three trendy colours:

Rovere Arches
Rovere Ontario
Rovere Conero

Lumbertech Varnish 205 mantiene l'esperienza sensoriale con cui è stato sviluppato Lumbertech in versione verniciata, dove la naturalità del legno è esaltata dalla verniciatura a zero gloss della superficie. Un effetto opaco che lascia inalterato l'aspetto autentico del legno e lo protegge da sollecitazioni meccaniche e chimiche. 

Protection from water stagnation for 24 hours

Lumbertech Varnish 205, like Lumbertech Varnish 270 and Oil 270, is also protected against water stagnation for 24 hours, thanks to the Hydro24 technology applied, which involves several parts of the plank: high-density HDF Aquasafe panel, precision TLS joint, connection between joints protected by a treatment that creates a chemical barrier against water penetration. All these features enabled Lumbertech to pass the NALFA swelling test and thus certify its water resistance.

What makes Lumbertech a unique wooden floor?

Sustainable, hygienic, hard, practical, beautiful. These are the five milestones that make Lumbertech the wooden floor of the future. 

Sustainable because it uses one eighth as much wood material as a pre-finished laminate. The lower consumption of noble wood, the production process, the size and the deep brushing give the product a look of great value and emotional effect, where the natural beauty of wood is enhanced. 

A hard floor, because it is enhanced in its resistance to impact and footsteps, so that it is also perfect for public areas. 

Lumbertech is also healthy because it uses no glues or adhesives, and the finish is formaldehyde free and meets the EN 71 European standard.
Again, the production process makes it an antibacterial floor, and it is also anti-fingerprint, aspects that, together with its 24-hour water resistance, make it a practical wood floor.

Finally, let's not forget the value of the TLS-PLUS perimeter joint that allows the planks to be united without knocking, quickly and precisely.

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