Laminate flooring for a trendy home

Two laminate floors from the Living line, Facile+ and Prestige Hydro, are the protagonists in the realisation of a private flat by K1 artStudio in the province of Bari.

Architect Stefano Carlone and designer Vincenzo Berlingerio of K1 artStudio have designed the interiors of a flat that is only 55 square metres in size but which, thanks to their skill, is equipped with all the comforts and a unique style that strikes you from the first glance.


The young and informal atmosphere of this flat is given by the skilful mix of different styles, a place where we encounter references to New York open spaces, with the kitchen with its exposed brick walls, the loft style given by the skylight in the ceiling and the sliding iron doors. The bathroom has a "Zen style", perfect for the context, and the bedroom also marries an oriental style, where colour and relaxation meet.
Light woods, colour contrasts and natural materials are the combination chosen for this project.
Even the floors reflect this aesthetic refinement, combined with the practicality of a young and dynamic environment.

Facile+ Argan Oak

A Facile+ laminate floor in the decorative Argan Oak was chosen for the entire living area.
Facile+ is one of the most long-lived proposals in Skema's laminate line, a timeless "Made of Wood", which like all Living proposals is PEFC™ certified, attesting to the use of wood from forests managed according to ecologically sustainable criteria.

Prestige Hydro Sesame Oak

The bedroom was covered with a Living laminate floor, Prestige Hydro Sesame Oak.
A choice that gives the beauty of the wooden plank the security of a floor that resists water stagnation for a full 24 hours. All laminate collections with Hydro technology take advantage of the protection of the bevel, which can thus resist water, without being damaged, for many hours.

Project detail CASA GN

Product applied living area: LIVING FACILE+


Product applied night area: LIVING PRESTIGE HYDRO


Project: K1 artStudio - arch. Carlone Stefano / designer Berlingerio Vincenzo


Location: CORATO (BA)

Photo: Berenice Verga

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