Introducing Lumbertech Modular

After an exciting premiere at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan 2022, Lumbertech Modular presents itself to the general public today.

Lumbertech Modular, is the innovative systemic project born from Lumbertech engineered wood, a furnishing solution designed for the contract world - and not only - that gives expressive freedom with low environmental impact.

Designed by architect Franco Driusso, Modular exploits the Lumbertech plank that becomes a modular unit and gives life to room furnishings: bookcases, wall units with concealed wiring, hotel rooms, bathrooms, and even benches, tables, counters. This and much more comes from the development of SKEMA engineered wood, which brings its unique characteristics, such as strength, naturalness of wood and protection of the raw material, to the world of interior design. 

less wood, more look&feel of wood!

Lumbertech Modular has the same characteristics that have made the Lumbertech surface so successful: wood reinforced in its resistance to trampling and impact thanks to Wood Powder, a unique patented material. But it is also a sustainable surface, which in addition to its aesthetic and technical features, such as the Hydro24 technology that makes it resistant to water stagnation for 24 hours, also boasts many qualities that make it an environmentally friendly product. 
Naturally antibacterial and PEFC certified, Lumbertech is made with only 1/8 of noble wood material compared to a traditional layered pre-finished product, making a significant contribution to the preservation of forests and the fight against deforestation. 


Lumbertech Modular is a revolution in modern joinery made on site. With its qualities borrowed from SKEMA technology surfaces, it makes furniture design and installation easier and more flexible. 

Its expressive freedom is developed in 15 colours with a varnished or olied surface finishing and in modules available in different sizes.

Lumbertech Modular 350

2200x350x90 mm
1100x350x90 mm
550x350x90 mm

Lumbertech Modular 450

2200x450x90 mm
1100x450x90 mm
550x450x90 mm

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