In Lombardy with Scheggia Parquet, partner SKEMAtheca

Our partner from Lombardy, Scheggia Parquet, is an active and dynamic player in its market, which has chosen with SKEMAtheca to embrace Skema's retail philosophy.

Its proposals always aim to give much more than a product that the customer "likes", Scheggia Parquet offers solutions that combine the search for aesthetics with functionality. With SKEMAtheca the path leading to an informed choice is made easier and so the result is always the sum of many factors: beauty, practicality, resistance and much more.

To get to know the world of Scheggia Parquet and its partnership with SKEMAtheca a little better, we interviewed the owner. Here is what emerged. 


Interview with Scheggia Parquet, SKEMAtheca partner 

How is your company structured?

- We have two showrooms, one in Milan and one in Bergamo, in both of which we have all the Skema product samples at our disposal, together with a vast display of tiles, doors and window frames to offer our customers a complete service for all their needs.

What is your opinion of SKEMAtheca and what made you choose it?

- SKEMAtheca is intended to be a multimedia tool for optimal resolution in the sales department. It is a real tool through which the customer is guided on a path of in-depth analysis of the product. Thanks to the use of integrated data sheets and explanatory videos, the purchase is made with greater awareness.

Are there any Skema products that are particularly popular with your customers?

- There is no such thing as a product that is most appreciated by customers, as each customer has different needs. The exclusivity of Skema products lies in their ability to satisfy all tastes, from the most traditional to the most daring. The different types of materials and compositions mean that even customers with special needs can find the right product for them.  

Are there any factors that most often influence your customers' choice, if so what are they?

- Often it is the size of the planks that influences customers' choice of one product over another. Then there may be other factors, depending on the customer, such as water resistance, product durability and impact resistance. These are features that Skema products are always able to provide. 

Does the environmental sustainability aspect influence customers' purchases? If so, what in particular?

- Environmental impact is definitely an issue that has become more real than ever. Today's discerning customers prefer sustainable materials, in particular the Lumbertech line which, thanks to its unique characteristics of resistance, provides improved performance compared to traditional wooden floors, with an eye to the responsible use of natural resources.

Oximoro Chevron Corda Verniciato by Scheggia Parquet


Lumbertech is Skema's engineered wood flooring range. With Lumbertech the real wood floor is combined with Wood Powder technology which reinforces its resistance to treading and impact.

A patented floor, where the wood and melamine compound, still soft, penetrates the natural wood plank and solidifies, without the use of glues or adhesives, becoming a single body with the wood.

With Lumbertech we find an original and performing answer to the wood protection, intended as a natural resource to be managed and protected, only 1/8 of noble material used, compared to a traditional pre-finished layered, to create planks that continue to express in an authentic and tangible way the intrinsic peculiarities of wood.

Lumbertech Rovere Puro by Scheggia Parquet


SKEMAtheca represents the most avant-garde version of modern sales systems. A project based on the customer's sensory experience and the interconnection between digital and tactile.
SKEMAtheca is a tool that responds to all three sales moments: experiential, design and digital language, thus becoming a means through which to undertake an experience where, before the purchase itself, one acquires design and style awareness.