Choosing sustainable outdoor solutions

Outdoor spaces are a follow on from indoor spaces. Home or hotel, an interior design project must also take into consideration the space outside the walls of the building.

Fortunately, this philosophy is increasingly embraced by those who are about to renovate a recently owned home, or those who want to renew their exteriors because they have changed their lifestyle or simply want to fix damaged or worn out elements.

So when gardens and terraces are designed or renovated today they are conceived as spaces to be lived in to the full, just like interiors, places to relax but also to eat and spend nice days with friends.

In these spaces created to spend pleasant days in the open air, choosing the right flooring is important; it must be practical, safe and harmonise with the general style.

Marina Real at Ca' Menego 

Sustainable outdoor flooring

But today it must also meet green requirements, so we welcome the use of materials that are natural or recycled, reusable, durable and healthy.

Skema's outdoor surfaces satisfy these requirements with the Outside line, which includes all WPC products.

Surfaces, not just flooring for outdoors, that decorate and enrich the environment and that are functional, practical and eco-friendly.

Skema WPC is a material created with wood from controlled forests and recycled PET, with a clear reduction in the use of wood and therefore a contribution to the fight against deforestation. A combination that makes the product durable, functional and sustainable.

Marina Pacto, Marina Real and Marina Compact are the three collections that allow you to choose the most suitable solution for your outdoor project, with a focus on environmental sustainability and practicality. They are durable, weather-resistant, easy to clean and recyclable.

For your next project, choose Skema's Outside line.

Marina Pacto at VeniceGreen

Marina Compact at Casinò di Venezia