Welcome SKEMAidea

The long innovative path within the world of surfaces leads SKEMA today to inaugurate SKEMAidea, a real evolutionary leap in the world of interior design. A new reality that acts as a collector of IDEAS and innovative projects, where a common thread joins together floor and wall coverings with elements of furniture and interior design. The use of matter expands and goes towards a three-dimensionality that comes out in the interior design products developed by the architect Franco Driusso, in continuity with the mission of SKEMA: to improve the living comfort with functional, technological and expressive solutions.

With SKEMAidea we move away from the classic concept of two-dimensional surfaces: the rules change to obtain different compositions from the same single material and single shape, which is recomposed in many new developments. All this while maintaining the value of SKEMA solutions, where technicality and engineering allow very high performance, while maintaining the formal aspect that recalls simple and natural shapes.

Evolutionary Design

SKEMAidea wants to make the spaces of everyday life more and more human scale with solutions that can adapt to the needs and creativity of those who use them in his daily life. For this reason, all proposals are designed according to the dictates of evolutionary design, where environments come alive thanks to furniture elements capable of changing their functions according to the desires of those who live them. 

All this is possible thanks to the interconnection between different areas, in a continuum that starts from nature, the first source of inspiration and element always present in SKEMAidea products, made with sustainable materials and according to environmentally friendly production processes.

5 interior design solutions

And this is how the SKEMAidea interior design solutions came to life and which we can now see and experience in our spaces: Skinì, the separé that connects, a modular, customizable, adaptable partition wall; Trametes, the acoustic balancer, soft, combinable and freely positionable; Talèa, the meta-morphic boiserie, an adaptive wall that can be dressed with different materials and take on decorative but also phonocorrective functions; Gyros & Mimesis, coffee tables that aggregate, coffee tables that overlap and complete each other; and last but not least Yles, the designig wood, the collection of parquet designed where the wood material leaves the classic patterns and finds new expressions that go beyond the laying on the floor.

SKEMAidea is a constantly evolving world that today presents itself to the general public with a press campaign, offline and online, in the main industry publications. The SKEMAidea philosophy and product details can be discovered on the website www.skemaidea.com. To stay up to date on new products and projects SKEMAidea follow us on FacebookInstagramLinkedIn and Youtube.

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