Trametes the sustainable acoustic balancer

On Friday 9 July, Villa Varda di Brugnera (PN) hosted the event InForma Sostenibile, presentation of the project works developed by the students of the IFTS specialisation course "Techniques for the handicraft production of Made in Italy products", in collaboration with Mariotto srl, Gervasoni and ALF Group.

The environment, sustainability and the ecological culture for the industry of the future were the main themes, touching on new products and discovering new solutions and technologies applied to the upholstery sector. Trametes by SKEMAidea, presented by its creator, architect Franco Driusso, also took part in this event.

SKEMAidea and Trametes were joined by the companies Magis, Rubelli, CS/Geelli, Euroresine and Matrec, the latter providing its software, Circular Economy Tool, with which it is possible to analyse and evaluate the circularity of materials and products in order to optimise the design system for better use of natural resources. This system is used by students to check the sustainability of certain products, a test that Trametes also underwent and passed with flying colours.

Trametes is in fact a sustainable soundproofing product, and the test also proved this, giving it a score of 66 out of 100, the result of the sum of several parameters: composition, origin, certificate, disassembly, reparability and reuse.

Here are the values of Trametes:

Composition 6/20
Origin 0/20
Certified 10/10
Disassembly 15/15
Repairability 10/10
Reuse 25/25
Total 66/100

The event was also well attended by authorities and leading figures from the industrial sector, including the Vice President for the Environment, Sustainability and Culture of Confindustria, President and CEO of Alf Group, Maria Cristina Piovesana, the director of the Legno-Arredo Cluster, Carlo Piemonte, and the general manager of Enaip Friuli Venezia Giulia, Paola Stuparich, as well as the mayor of Brugnera, Renzo Dolfi, and designers Navone and Guillaumier.

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