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The ORGANICA catalog is born

The second Skema Category to be featured in the soon-to-be-released dedicated catalog is ORGANICA, which brings together flooring and coverings made from real wood.

Together with SISTEMA, PATIO and SONORA, ORGANICA is one of the 4 Skema Categories that help designers, interior designers and industry professionals simplify the decision-making process when choosing surfaces.

A journey into authenticity

The Organica catalog allows you to delve into the world of wood and its qualities, describing in detail the Skema proposals that embrace the authenticity of organic materials.

The catalogue includes Oximoro and Lumbertech, the two lines that are the offspring of wood as we dream it and use it, always respecting nature and the ecosystem.

Nature indeed, exalted in its original beauty, but which makes use of the precious technological contribution to create easily usable, long-lasting and high-performance surfaces.

Oximoro explores all the design potential of wood through the two Concepts Opera and Autentici, while in Lumbertech authentic wood is enhanced in terms of resistance to footfall and impact thanks to Wood Powder, making it an engineered wood.

The values of ORGANICA

The main features shared by Oximoro and Lumbertech, Skema's authentic wood surfaces, can be summed up as follows:


These claddings are made from Genuine Wood.


Natural and traced through a PEFC forestry chain.


These are all surfaces finished with oil treatments or water-based coatings that enhance the authentic appearance of the wood.


Surfaces engineered using advanced systems that enhance their performance and installation


These are coverings that are designed to allow heat to pass from the system to the floor with a permanently warm contact.


They are surfaces with fire reaction class blf-s1, ideal for use in commercial environments.


Products guaranteed for 10 years, well beyond the limits of European regulations.

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