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The timelessness of herringbone laying

A very popular installation today, which has never lost its charm, is the most famous installation, the herringbone pattern.

In Skema's world, this type of installation can be found in three collections: the organic floor Oximoro, with Opera Ungherese and the new Palladio S650, the Living laminates with Syncro Parquet Hydro and the Sintesy resilient floors with the new SPC Star.Ks.

A wide range of products to suit everyone's taste, whether you love classic parquet or are looking for dynamism and modernity.

This elegant and regular geometry owes its success also to its ability to enhance the dimensions of the rooms and give a visual movement.
A laying solution with ancient origins and for this reason it has been developed in several declinations.


Today we can speak of three types of herringbone patterns: Italian or so called Classic, French and Hungarian.


The Italian herringbone differs from the other two because the planks comes in constant width and length and are laid at 90° to each other. This pattern is the oldest of the three, having been adopted as early as the 16th century and becoming very popular in the great French palaces. 


French herringbone pattern, called chevron, involves cutting the heads of the planks at 45°, a type of installation which gives rhythm and great elegance to the floor. It became popular in the 19th century during the transformation of Paris by Baron Haussmann.


The Hungarian chevron pattern is very similar to the French pattern, but is distinguished by the 30° angle cut of the planks' heads. The elements, all of uniform length and width, are positioned head to head and thus form a broad laying pattern with a sense of continuity.

The redesigned parquet

If you love patterned parquet but you are looking for something original and unique, you can find it in Yles, the three-layer wooden floor by SKEMAidea, which has reshaped the paradigms of patterned parquet and offers seven collections with unique and original patterns.


If you are looking for a herringbone flooring, get inspired by this gallery.

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