The ideal flooring for the mountain house

Whether it's a small chalet, a flat or a loft, in a mountain home we always look for that connection with nature that brings relaxation and harmony to our days. To create that feeling of warmth and comfort, typical of a chalet in the snow, wood is a must in mountain furniture solutions.

In the choice of furnishings you can follow tradition or let yourself be guided by originality, but what remains a must have for a style of mountain home, is the wood, which on floors and walls is the undisputed protagonist, with its timeless charm and its ability to create a whole between the interior and exterior landscapes, made of valleys, snow-capped peaks and forests.

Oximoro Opera 15 Beethoven

Skema wooden floors for mountain houses

There are many Skema solutions ideal for mountain home environments; among the lines of the Organica, Oximoro and Lumbertech category, there are also rustic proposals, ideal for recreating the "Baita style". 

Lighter shades such as Lumbertech NaturalLumbertech PuroOximoro Oxford Circus or the brand new Oximoro Palladio Asolo, are perfect for those who want to give their rooms a touch of glamour without giving up the feeling of cosiness and warmth.

On the other hand, for those who do not want to give up practicality and want to have a floor that is always tidy and resistant to water stagnation that may form, perhaps in the area dedicated to ski boots or in the bathroom, there is always the possibility of laying one of the many decors of the Hydro laminate lines or one of the SPCs of the Sintesy line.

If you are looking for some inspiration, here are some examples of people who have chosen a Skema floor for their mountain home. 

Oximoro Ermitage Cimabue

Oximoro Ermitage Cimabue

Lumbertech Natural

Oximoro Ermitage Perugino

Lumbertech Puro

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