The concrete, resin, stone and metal effects of Skema floors

With the Skema proposal, collected in the Sistema category, style has no limits and even those who want cement, resin, stone or metal effect surfaces will find the ideal solution.

Material effects have the ability to combine the technical qualities of warm surfaces with the contemporary, dynamic and decisive style of cold materials. Within its laminate, SPC and Wood Composite lines, Skema offers a wide choice of decors that replicate the aesthetics of the material. 

For a modern style, such as the industrial one, characterised by rough surfaces and strong materials such as cement, metal or resin, today you can choose a Vision Oxid Hydro floor, or a Star.K, maybe to decorate a wall, or even Evertech.

Private environments but also public spaces such as restaurants, hotels, gyms, shops and showrooms now choose Skema solutions with material decors. These are often environments that have to withstand high foot traffic, that have to be easy to clean but that do not want to renounce style and character. The solutions in the Sistema category meet these requirements.

where to find textured decors


In the Living laminate line with Vision Oxid Hydro

In the Living range of laminates, the specialist for textured decors is Vision Oxid Hydro, which offers them in the Matt or Authentic surface finishes. Hydro technology makes the laminate water-resistant for up to 24 hours, without losing its naturalness and elegance.

In the Sintesy line with Star.K and Fit.Lay

Two collections of the Sintesy line offer stone, concrete, metal and fabric effects, they are Star.K and Fit.Lay.
Without ever losing the sensation of warmth underfoot and without ever losing all the advantages of SPC surfaces, Star.K brings the most modern style to walls and floors, allowing showers, bathrooms, changing rooms and wellness centres to be covered with the most up-to-date proposals.

Fit.Lay, the self-laying LVT that can be cut and shaped, creating customised geometries and easily flanking different decors, is also available with wood, resin and tatami effects.

The entire Evertech line

The entire Evertech wood composite line is characterised by its modern appearance and its reference to materials such as rock, cement or metal. This high-tech surface, with its low thickness and great resistance to knocks and scratches, is mass-coloured and uses different textures for the surface finish: Resin, Quartz, Steel and Radis, which give the surface a realistic effect even to the touch. Evertech's resistance is also to water thanks to the Hydro technology with which it is equipped in the 853x395x10.5mm format, making it resistant to water stagnation for a good 24 hours, thus making it even more efficient.

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