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The catalog SISTEMA is born

Skema is a problem-solving company, focused on providing solutions to interior design projects, through its technologically advanced and aesthetically refined surfaces, guaranteeing high performance. This mission has led the company to offer a vast range of products that meet a variety of different design and environmental requirements.

To simplify the decision-making process for planners, interior designers and industry professionals, Skema has grouped its surfaces into 4 categories:

  • SISTEMA, the multilayer technological floors and coverings,
    ORGANICA, the wooden floors and coverings,
    PATIO, solutions for exteriors
    SONORA, wall and ceiling coverings with sound-absorbing elements.

Each category is told through the dedicated catalog which does not focus on the individual lines, which are also explained, but on the functional solutions in which each category excels and on the aesthetic proposals offered.

The home of multilayer surfaces

The SISTEMA catalog brings together the category of Skema laminated surfaces: LivingSintesy and Evertech.

These lines have many points in common, first and foremost the high concentration of technology with which they are manufactured, and with which they are able to provide extremely advanced solutions to specific design problems.

Low thickness, rapid dry laying, water resistance, resistance to heavy foot traffic and resistance to scratches and impacts are just some of the qualities of Skema systemic surfaces, which are explained point by point in the catalog.

The values of SISTEMA

The main features of Skema's multilayer products can be summarized as follows:


Thanks to the interlocking system, floating installation guarantees practicality, flexibility and speed of application, no glue and easy maintenance.


Reduced thickness allows for installation on existing surfaces, facilitating the renovation of rooms.


Living surfaces with Hydro technology resist water for 24 hours, SPC synthetic floors are totally waterproof.


They are all coverings designed to allow the passage of heat from the floor system.


These are surfaces that have obtained the Blf-s1 or Cfl-s1 Fire Reaction certification, ideal for use in public and collective spaces.

6 V.O.C.

Thanks to the A+ certifications and the compliance with the Minimum Environmental Criteria CAM, it is certified that the products are safe for people and the environment and that the production chain has a low environmental impact.

Functionality and inspiration

The SISTEMA catalog is not only a vademecum of the many performance qualities of Skema's surfaces, but also a guide to styles where you can find inspiration through the chromatic suggestions illustrated and through a choral tale of the decorations of each line, which in turn can be inspired by Doga, Parquet or Materico.

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