Skema_eu Instagram: the growing community

Each week Skema's Instagram account shares the many posts and stories in which users tag Skema.

Many Stories

It is in this social that you can now scroll through the most immediate updates and discover the many applications of Skema surfaces. Not only through the posts, but also through the Stories where every week you can play with our surveys, get informed with the focus products and discover the achievements of users with Skema surfaces. A very dynamic space that remains active only for 24 hours, but that you can see again in the Stories highlighted.
To see them, just go to your Skema profile and touch the icons just below the biography, where for example you can find all the "Quaderni Skema" published over time, focuses that describe in detail the various Skema surfaces and their pluses: such as Vision Oxid Hydro, Lumbertech, Oximoro Cambridge and many others.

The new feed 

Also the Skema feed has changed today, in order to give everyone new inspirations and to let them know about the many new features introduced in recent months, every week we publish a product focus, where we tell about its specifications, show examples of its realizations and present the many decorations with focuses.
Our Instagram motto always remains valid: "Feel free to take inspiration and share with friends": all users are free to save posts, share them again and comment on them.

The community grows

Every week many people share their creations and projects on Instagram that also involve Skema. It's a real pleasure for us to see the tag feed growing with more and more beautiful and inspiring images. 
To be part of the Skema community on Instagram it takes very little: start following the Instagram profile and if you want to stay up to date activate the bell symbol in the home of the Skema profile. Grow with us: comment on posts, participate in our Stories, tag Skema in your posts and in your Stories.  

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