Skemacode: 7 inspirations for infinite settings

Since last autumn we have been telling you, article after article, about SKEMACode, the 7 palettes of inspiration for interior design and a tool to be used with SKEMATheca. After the in-depth articles on each colour, today we want to end our journey with a choral piece summarising the 7 shades through as many representative images.  

Bianco Minimale 

To evoke atmospheres that are always young, light and bright. SKEMACode n.1 is a canvas from which to create your own design, where white helps to enhance all the elements that fit into the environment.

Greige Tendenza

A sense of elegance, cleanliness, order and luxury pervades the second SKEMACode, a characteristic of greige, an intermediate shade between grey and beige.

Marrone Vitale

The authentic energy of the countryside meets the most natural SKEMAcode, a concentration of warm and intense browns, natural tones used in interior design to create relaxing and intimate environments.

Grigio Passepartout

SKEMACode No. 4 is ideal for the undecided, but also for the creative, as it allows you to create balanced atmospheres or play with colour contrasts in the furniture.

Nero Formale

As with white, the colour black offers plenty of room for manoeuvre. It can be easily and immediately combined with all colours, especially with softer shades and natural tones.

Cenere Metropolitano

Cenere Metropolitano captures the charm and energy of city atmospheres, a palette that enhances the most daring and gritty shades of grey.

Corten Industrial

The last of the seven SKEMACode is a palette that emphasises contrasts and plays between old and new. A reference to the lofts created in old New York workshops.

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