Skema's showroom display

Skema offers an assistance service to its project and trade customers who want to optimise the display space in their showroom.

Skema's Project Service is dedicated to the development of spaces where Skema and SKEMAidea products can be displayed in the best possible way, in a customised manner that enhances the special features of each display.

Whether it's the SKEMAtheca or the displays of the various Skema solutions, our Project Service knows how to find the best solution for placing all the elements in such a way as to enhance the products but also make the environment distinctive and highlight the image of the shop itself.

In the study of the project which, starting from the draft, develops into a design set and a visual through views and renders, the aesthetic and functional aspects are considered, not only to make the samples and displays easily usable, but also to optimise the previously studied transit flows.

Skema's service allows customers to have a complete assistance in the design of the showroom and in its fitting, giving, if necessary, assistance also in the assembly phase.

If you are thinking of renovating your showroom and would like to optimise the development of the layout, our Project Service is at your disposal, contact your Skema contact person for more information.

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