Skema's green thinking gives shape to water

Transforming whilst remaining the same. This is the secret of the shape of water and this is also the ideological heart of evolutionary design. That's why we thought that an elegant water bottle could represent SKEMAidea and its adaptive and sustainable nature. So you can always carry design, form and sustainability with you.
The latter is a real value, now essential for everyone and even more so for a company that wants to be an active part of the future.

The SKEMAidea water bottle video

We have dedicated a short video to the SKEMAidea water bottle, which explains its values and idea.

The water bottle is just the symbol; sustainability is in the attention Skema pays to the environment through many other concrete actions.

The green soul of Skema

Skema's green philosophy began many years ago and is a path with a well-defined plan that involves sustainable energy and the self-sufficient energy supply of the company, or the production of 100% recyclable products, with recyclable raw materials or from recycled material, which are healthy and safe for people's health.

One of our latest steps was the installation of Skema's photovoltaic system which, with a total area of 4,600 square metres, has made the company self-sufficient from an energy point of view, with the autonomous production of 240,000 kwh/year and a contribution to reducing emissions of 80 tCO2eq.

Sustainability in practice

This step was added to the practice of using only energy derived from renewable sources, which is also attested by the Greener certification obtained in 2016.

The starting point goes back many years with ISO 14001 certification, a voluntary international standard, which requires in-depth knowledge of environmental aspects and the implementation and maintenance of the procedures set out in the requirements.

In addition to these, there is the PEFC mark, obtained in 2016, which attests to the use of wood from forests managed according to ecologically sustainable criteria, and FSC certification, obtained in 2013, which attests to the use of wood from responsibly managed forests in the creation of products according to the strict environmental, social and economic standards of the Forest Stewardship Council.

Eco-friendly Skema products

These two certifications, or rather belonging to the chain of custody, have enabled us to include traceable products of environmental value in our offer.
Actions that are reflected in Skema's products, even those of a different origin from wood, where technology is also attentive to environmental aspects.
This can be seen in the world of Sintesy resilients, characterised by the exclusive use of recyclable materials, the absence of phthalates and the A+ certification that attests to the high quality and healthiness of the compounds. Or WPC for outdoors, an environmentally friendly product, made with eco-friendly materials in recycled wood and PET.
Not to mention the strong ecological footprint of the laminate: made of wood, recyclable, PEFC certified, using dry laying, which does not use adhesives or glues, and now CAM certified.

Skema's values are also and above all reflected in the new SKEMAidea division. And it could not be otherwise for this standard-bearer of future-oriented design. All SKEMAidea proposals, right from the design stage, emphasise sustainability and living comfort. One example: Trametes, the soundproofing system whose sustainability was tested and approved with flying colours in the examination carried out to analyse the vital circularity of materials. A process certified by Matrec, through its Circular Economy Tool software, which has attributed a high value to our production process, with the absence of fixing elements, total separability of components and much more.

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