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Star.K recovers the floor of an ancient local in Andria

A 110-square-meter floor covered with Star.K Varsavia, the SPC Skema that is not afraid of water and heat changes, is on display inside one of the most intriguing rooms in the historic center of Andria, in Apulia.

The owners of Anima Slow Restaurant, when they found the old building in the heart of the town as a new location, wanted to give a strong imprint to the new environment. like their cuisine, the atmosphere had to be fusion: a combination of ancient and modern, where the watchwords are relaxation and privacy, because the moment of the meal deserves to be "slow" and to be enjoyed to the full.

And so it is that the ancient stones and tuff of the large rooms with vaulted ceilings, meet the modern technology of Star.K Varsavia, which was laid over the original terracotta floor, safeguarding it.

An operation, that of overlapping the floor, which is fast, practical and also reversible, as well as having a protective function of the antique floor. This practice was possible thanks to the low thickness of Star.K and its floating laying, which does not require the use of glues or adhesives. 

The owners of Anima Slow Restaurant chose Star.K Varsavia also for its aesthetics, in line with the minimalist concept of the restaurant, while maintaining the historical sign of the building that houses the restaurant.

Once again Star.K proves to be the best choice to cover the surfaces of public places, thanks to its practicality of laying, its ease of cleaning and its resistance to use and especially to water.

Project Details

Project Name: Anima Slow Restaurant 
Intervention type: room renovation with old floor covering
Product: Star.K
Decorative: Varsavia
Line: SintesyTypology: Local public
Location: Andria
Dimensions: 110 sqm

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