K-Uno Hydro with a view of the Atlantic Ocean.

Nestled in a true paradise on earth, the Aman residences are an oasis of calm, luxury and elegance, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.
Nestled on a hillside overlooking the sea, in one of the most beautiful locations in the Dutch Carribean, Saint Martin.

For their realization, its builder, the company Mandara Building Solution, in compliance with the high quality standard that the luxury residential complex requires, has selected only high quality products, including the K-Uno Hydro floor in the decorative Rovere California.

In this residential complex, where nature and design come together to provide maximum comfort, every detail has been selected and studied to obtain a luxury environment, where privacy, relaxation and views of the Ocean are its strong points.

The apartment protagonist of today, consists of two bedrooms with two bathrooms and large living area with outdoor terrace, and throughout the environment, both living and sleeping areas, were laid 109 square meters of laminate flooring of the latest generation Living - K-Uno Hydro.

A stylistic choice, but above all a qualitative one that respects the company's philosophy, devoted to the use of the latest eco-sustainable innovations in the building field.

The luxury of Living K-Uno Hydro

K-Uno Hydro is one of the most recent innovations introduced by Skema, a large-format laminate ideal for large, open-plan environments, equipped with a synchropore and designed to achieve an extremely realistic wood effect. However, the distinctive feature of K-Uno Hydro is its resistance to water stagnation for a full 24 hours. A detail that makes it ideal for laying in the bathroom.
K-Uno Hydro, like the entire line of Living laminate flooring to which it belongs, is "Made of Wood", meaning that it is made of 80% real wood, EPLF certified, respects CAM criteria and is safe for the environment, thanks also to the certified eco-compatible production processes with which it is made.
K-Uno proves to be a technological, safe and refined choice, perfect even in a luxury living context.  

Project Overview:

Product Line: Living - laminates
Applied Product: K-Uno Hydro 
Finishing: Rovere California
Sqm: 109
Environment​: residence 
Location: Saint Martin (Dutch Carribean)
Customer​: Mandara Building Solution


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