Ermitage Perugino in the States thanks to European Cabinets

On the shores of Lake Tahoe, in the Sierra Nevada mountains in California, thanks to our partner European Cabinets a beautiful Ermitage Perugino wood floor from the Oximoro line was laid in the renovation of a flat.

When an unexpected sewer backup completely ruined the existing wooden floor in his Tahoe condo, the owner decided to rely on European Cabinets for the renovation.

The customer wanted a rustic but durable parquet floor to replace the old floor, and the choice fell on Skema's Oximoro line of wooden floors. Ermitage, in the colour Perugino, is a three-layer oak flooring. Planks are available in three widths for a strong aesthetic impact and finished with natural oil for an authentic, lived-in style.

The small flat has an irregular floor plan, so it was decided to lay the multi-width planks in a diagonal pattern, parallel to the outer wall of the living room and running along the entire surface of the room.

“I'm really pleased with the results. The rustic look is perfect for the mountain condo. The natural shading and pattern variants in the planks make it easy to coordinate with other interior elements,” said the homeowner. “I often work from the condo, and whenever I'm on a Zoom call, everyone always complements the flooring. It really pops!”

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Oximoro Ermitage Perugino

Ermitage offers multi-width elements characterised by strongly differentiated dimensions, making the proposal aesthetically striking. The originality also lies in the planing in combination with an oxidation that gives timeless colour and warmth. The oiled surface finish gives this floor an authentic, lived-in style.

Category: Organica

Line: Oximoro

Collection: Ermitage

Color: Perugino

Finishes: Piallato

Finishes: Olio

Size: multi-width 1830x 90x15 mm; 1830x148x15 mm; 1830x190x15 mm

Bevel: Si

Floor Heating: Si

Wall: Si

Fire Reaction: Dfl-s1

Dovetail: M/F

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