Discover the Skinì catalogue

The first of the catalogues dedicated to SKEMAidea's innovative interior design solutions is now available and talks about Skinì, the separè that connects.

Inside, in addition to the technical details that allow you to enter into the choice and composition of your Skinì, you can discover in detail what Skinì is, the functions it performs and the philosophy that led to its creation.

Skinì is a furnishing element that draws on tradition, remodelled according to the dictates of evolutionary design and is therefore modular, composable and connectable.

This partition wall makes it possible to subdivide spaces, giving them new functions, without ever creating clear divisions between rooms but, like a hedge that delimits and frames, allows light to filter in and with it a glance beyond its structure.

Skinì is available in 4 sizes and 8 finishes that bring together 44 different colours, such a wide choice that, combined with its modularity, allows great freedom of expression.

To discover the full potential of Skinì in detail, visit the dedicated section of the SKEMAidea website and browse the catalogue here.


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