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About Skema on Il Commercio Edile and

Skema products have been the protagonists of two publications exploring the world of technological surfaces and their application.

Star.K in the magazine Il Commercio Edile

In the specialist magazine Il Commercio Edile, an article entitled "Vintage Pugliese" was published in May, dedicated to the renovation project of a cafeteria where our customer Ceramiche Orion proposed the SPC Star.K Liverpool flooring.

You can read the whole article at this link.

For further information, you can also read the Skema news where we talked about Il Vero Desiderio. 

Hydro laminate flooring on

An in-depth article published on the website explains the advantages of a water-resistant laminate floor and shows all Skema's Living solutions with Hydro technology.
Many examples of K-Uno Hydro, Prestige Hydro, Syncro Parquet Hydro and Vision Oxid Hydro show how these surfaces represent a state-of-the-art solution for spaces where water is used in the home.


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