The endless effect of Syncro Plank in 012 Benetton restyling

Reopening sometimes also means renewing. It is in this spirit that the 012 - Benetton children's shop in Formigine in the province of Modena has taken advantage of the months of closure and made it an opportunity, renovating its interior.
Today a beautiful Living Skema laminate floor welcomes the customers, it is the brand new Syncro Plank, in the Infinity Oak White decor.
A light colour that fits well with the space, the well-known brand is dedicated to children's clothing from 0 to 12 years old, a context that requires bright, cheerful and welcoming tones.
Syncro Plank - Infinity Oak White responds very well to this aesthetic need, also combining its technical qualities that make it practical, easy to clean and sanitize.
But its distinctive characteristic is the effect of continuity that it gives to the floor, the planks in fact seem to " run" without interspaces between one and the other, giving the room a wider perspective.

The endless effect of Syncro Plank


The credit goes to the innovative Syncro Plank, this laminate floor, a novelty introduced by Skema in 2020, characterised by the endless effect of the planks. 
Thanks to the continuity of the decor on the two short sides, an optical effect is created between the planks which gives depth and an "endless" effect to the floor. It is difficult to identify the gap between one plank and the other also thanks to the accuracy and definition of the decors. 

Syncro Plank is provided with bevelling on the two long sides and comes in the size 1288x328x8mm in 6 brand new decors, all with wood effect:

• Infinity Oak White
• Infinity Oak Classic
• Infinity Oak Brown
• Infinity Oak Sand
• Infinity Oak Grey
• Infinity Oak Natural

Project sheet:


Product line: Living - laminates
Applied product: Syncro Plank  
Finish: Infinity Oak White
Environment: clothing shop
Location: Formigine (Modena)
Brand: 012 Benetton 
Supplier: Mirtillo snc