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Synthetic surfaces in environments where water is the protagonist

Domestic bathrooms, gyms and fitness rooms, changing rooms and, again, relax areas of wellness centers or hotels, are all places where water is the protagonist, and is also a source of pleasure and well-being, but it often risks being one of the most frequent and most feared enemies for the renewal of environments.

They are certainly among the spaces most appreciated by people. The 2019 statistics indicated the bathroom as one of the most frequently renovated or restored home environments, one of the most loved places in the house, used for personal care and relaxation.

Comfort and design are the key words in the design of bathrooms, spas, wellness centres, hotels and gyms, but how to renovate these spaces, in an original, easy and quick way, without tiles, without building work, with staff who also manage the rest of the renovation of the floors, while managing the humidity and water stagnation factor in an optimal way?

Coating wet rooms without tiles

The solution is in technological surfaces, such as SPC coatings, which allow to create modern environments without necessarily using hard, cold, ceramic materials.

Skema has introduced on the market Star.K, a resilient rigid SPC floor without plasticizers, both in the floor and wall covering version, called Star.KW. Thanks to its structural qualities it is totally water-repellent, making it ideal for covering the bathroom in the home, a hotel room or a wellness centre.

Coat bathrooms saving time and money 

The extruded vinyl, reinforced and loaded with CaCO3 minerals and provided with a pre-coupled XPE acoustic underlayer, has made it possible to reach a new frontier of application, resistant to humidity and even water stagnation. It is easy to apply in renovations, it can be laid over old tiles, both on the floor, on the walls and why not, even as a shower cover.
Star.K and Star.KW make life easier for those who want to renovate the bathroom or the kitchen, because for their installation on the wall or floor there is no need for masonry work, just covering the old wall surface, an operation that saves time and money.

Carefree wood effect floors

With the SPC technical floor it is possible to have a parquet effect floor without worrying about the effects of moisture on the wood.

For a room with an even more modern style you can choose from the many Star.K and Star.KW decors, not only wood effect, but also material effects, metal or fabric, so the desired aesthetics is combined with the practicality of installation and cleaning of the synthetic floor.

In the Skema gallery there are more and more examples of gyms that have chosen the Star.K floor for their halls and changing rooms, hotels that have covered the walls of their bathrooms with Star.KW, wellness centres that have customised the rooms with the original decorations of our SPC and more and more private people who choose the warm floor that is not afraid of water for their bathrooms, taverns and even living areas.

The surprise effect you deserve

But this isn't over. Skema wants to amaze you once again, in fact we will soon launch a great innovation in 2020: thanks to the new Hydro technology, laminate will also be among the ideal proposals for bathrooms and environments where water is the protagonist.
In the coming weeks we will reveal everything, so don't miss out on any Skema news.

To discover all the values of Star.K

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