Skema: Ambassador of Well-being

The concept of well-being from which the Skema's mission started is exactly as described in the encyclopedia:

a state of health, happiness, comfort, and prosperity.

And more specifically, with regard to living conditions: 

[...] the levels at which the various factors influencing the habitability of a closed environment (air temperature, relative humidity of the air at room temperature, average radiant temperature from walls, etc.) must be attained so that people who have to stay there for a fairly long time (generally more than one hour) are comfortable, without experiencing unpleasant feelings of heat or cold.

This definition is the basis of what we call living well-being, a Skema's target for years, proposed through its floor and wall coverings.

But our horizon is getting wider and wider and we want to make the concept of Wellness concrete in three united but distinct areas.

Living well being

The first is the one on which the company's core business is based. Skema's products are ambassadors for improving comfort and healthy environments. 
We have often talked about the acoustic well-being of public spaces and homes, to which we have been able to respond through the sound correction systems of the Vertical collection

And since well-being means involving all the senses with which we perceive reality, we have created improvement solutions that involve them all. 

There are many examples: an increasingly refined aesthetics of laminate floors, with innovative technologies such as syncropore or new sizes and finishes, the application of technological solutions in the field of LVT to improve the resistance to stagnation or humidity of floors and the technology applied to wood to improve its resistance to wear and tear, which led to the creation of Lumbertech.
These are just a few examples that Skema has worked on to improve living comfort and that we want to strengthen in the future.

Environmental well-being 

For Skema, well-being in spaces also means well-being in the environment.

It is in this perspective that for years the company has undertaken a multi-certified green path involving products, workplaces, materials and energy used. 

Many stages have been reached, many new objectives that we want to achieve to ensure that environmental awareness is a value for all.

In addition to concrete actions to support and safeguard the natural heritage, we will also provide in-depth studies aimed at raising awareness of Skema's green solutions, such as the eco-sustainability of synthetic products or the production process that uses ecological materials and renewable resources. 

Being green often involves choices that are not taken for granted, conscious and thoughtful, such as choosing to renovate a floor without demolishing the previous one and covering it with a floor, maybe LVT, with dry laying (which does not imply the use of glues) and that will last for a long time. 

Customer Welfare 

Only those who know really choose. And Skema wants conscious customers, happy with the choice they have made, happy with the aesthetic impact and confident that the properties of the floor will meet their needs. 

In order to achieve the customer's well-being, Skema acts as a point of reference for a complete and complex system of technological products that simplify the decision-making and construction process.

Assisting the customer in the choice process is not something to improvise, specific tools have to be studied, the sales force has to be properly trained and the company has to be always available for dialogue. 

With this in mind, we have developed the new display tools and training plan for points of sale and agents, so that through an identity sales process, the customer can make an easy choice, but above all conscious and really useful to his needs.


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