Plateaus in WPC: strategic choice for 2020

Never as today is it as important to be flexible and ingenious to find solutions that allow you to work at your best, even in the most adverse conditions.
This year bars, restaurants, clubs, hotels, ice-cream parlours and all public places of aggregation and free time, find in the open spaces an ally for their activity.
Having a courtyard equipped to welcome customers, allows to extend the spaces of the business and finds the consent of the anti-Covid19 regulations and people, who feel safer.

Outdoor spaces to be used all year round

An equipped outdoor space is ideal not only for the summer but, with due care, can be used in all seasons, all you need are structures that shelter from the wind or cold, such as heating mushrooms or screens.
Large garden or simple sidewalk facing the street, now is really the time to equip yourself and make your outdoor the place to welcome customers.
Street front stalls in Outside Marina Classic Pietra Lavica

WPC as a smart and practical choice  

WPC flooring is one of the most flexible and ingenious products for a floor slab that is easy to use and easy to handle. Skema has been offering a range of outdoor solutions for a long time, allowing to create scenic and functional outdoor spaces.
The Outside line, has been designed to allow a quick laying of terraces, pool edges, platforms, pergolas, walkways and gardens, to be used all year round and with a degree of maintenance that is almost zero.
Skema dehors take advantage of the dry installation, through a system of steel clips and aluminium supports, and offer a wide choice of decors, ultra natural effect, such as the Marina Real that recalls the essences typically used for outdoor decking, or more essential lines such as Marina Classic and its passepartout colours (also in Compact version in other decors), or PACTO, a solid floor with wood imprints, new for summer 2020.
Garden-Terrace in Outside Marina Classic Cemento

All the advantages of WPC decking

WPC is a strategic choice to create outdoor spaces to be exploited all year round because:
  • is a material specifically designed for outdoor installation, 
  • it's strong, 
  • is practical and easy to clean,
  • it's waterproof, 
  • does not absorb residues or liquids, 
  • it doesn't chip and deteriorate over time, 
  • prevents the formation of mold, 
  • is designed to have a non-slip surface, 
  • doesn't warp with changes in temperature.​

Passerella e Plateatico in Outside Marina Classic Terra di Siena

Restaurant plateau in Outside Marina Real Teak 

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