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Hardwood flooring in the bathroom? Go further, choose the new Hydro technology

One of the most frequently asked questions when choosing the bathroom floor is whether the parquet floor is suitable or can be ruined with water.
Often the answer is that with today's treatments, parquet flooring is very good in the bathroom, except for minor attention to water stagnation. The doubt remains, however, many times and maybe in the end you opt for a more traditional floor, perhaps in ceramic with which to coordinate the wall covering.

Skema hydro-repellent and hydro-resistant coatings

But thanks to Skema technology there is a third way to go that combines a wide range of aesthetics, with wood and material effects, practicality of installation and water resistance. For a bathroom without tiles and without thoughts.
Skema solutions pass through the world of hydro-resistant laminate coverings with Hydro technology and the world of hydro-repellent SPC synthetic floors.

Covering the bathroom without tiles, both on the floor and wall, has become child's play, reducing installation time and costs. Perfect both for those who want to renew or renovate the bathroom and for those who have a new bathroom to make.

You want a bathroom with parquet effect without worrying about water stagnation?

There are 3 collections from the Skema laminate flooring line that are just right for you: they are K-Uno Hydro, Prestige Hydro, Syncro Parquet Hydro, or you can choose between the wood-effect decors from Conne.X and Star.K, the two totally hydro-repellent SPC vinyl floors.
The latter two, together with Syncro Oxid Hydro laminate, also offer you many decorations with material effects, such as stone, concrete or even corten, for a bathroom with a truly modern style.

Floors protected from water.

With the new Hydro technology applied, in particular on the bevel, the laminate becomes hydro-resistant to water stagnation for 24 hours, according to the reference standards without losing its naturalness and elegance. Then the laminate floor enters the bathroom with all its advantages of practicality, warmth and ease of cleaning.
The synthetic surfaces, Conne.X and Star.K are not afraid of water, and give the possibility of truly integral solutions, allowing you to cover floors, walls and even as a shower cover. They are totally resistant to humidity and water stagnation, thanks to their low thickness, they can be installed in a short time even over existing coverings.

Bathroom without tiles

With Skema surfaces today you can really design bathroom solutions without tiles, on the walls and on the floor in a new way.
Whether you choose a wood-effect or material-effect bathroom covering, with the dedicated Living and Sintesy lines you will always find the smart solution and your bathroom will be watertight.

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