Best of 2020

For Skema, this exceptionally challenging 2020 has been a year of great challenges, greater than those we had imagined, but it has also been a year of successes and above all of real innovations introduced by the company.

Don't you believe us? Here then is the summary of our "best of 2020".

1- SKEMAidea

The new Skema reality that acts as a collector of IDEAS and innovative projects, where a common thread unites floor and wall coverings with furnishing and interior design elements. 

2- Weki@Air

Hundreds of webinars, divided into eight different topics, collected in Weki@air, a tool that already existed, but which this year got a decisive boost.

3- SKEMATheca

SKEMAidea's innovative exhibition concept, the digitised evolution of the materials library, the materioteca reloaded.
In modern retailing we can find three fundamental moments: experientiality, design and digital language. SKEMATheca responds to all three moments because SKEMAtheca is not a display, it is a concept, a method, it is the answer to modern selling.

4- 7 SKEMAcode

To help professionals and private individuals in making the right choice, Skema has created the 7 SKEMAcodes, i.e. 7 chromatic paths, 7 environmental emotions, to help in the composition of one's moodboard and express through materials and colours the taste and emotions of the people who use them.

5- The new Skema divisions

A subdivision that goes beyond the restyling and rationalisation of lines and has been defined to fully embrace the company's new evolutionary philosophy, where material is a means, but form and finish tend to achieve the best results and meet specific interior design requirements.

6- Hydro laminate technology

Skema's large family of Living laminate floors introduces Hydro technology. Alongside the classics of the Living range are solutions designed specifically for environments where water is the protagonist: K-Uno Hydro, Prestige Hydro, Syncro Parquet Hydro and Vision Oxid Hydro.

7- Endless

The new Living Syncro Plank is characterised by the endless effect of the planks. Thanks to the continuity of the decors on the two short sides, an optical effect is created between one plank and the next, giving depth and an "endless" effect to the floor. It is difficult to detect the gap between one plank and the next thanks to the accuracy and definition of the decors.

8- Sintesy Conne.X

Conne.X is the brand new rigid vinyl with Skema's SPC technology, featuring an extruded vinyl panel loaded with Calcium Carbonate and an integrated acoustic panel.
Made flexible by the reduced thickness of 4.5 mm, it is also ideal for vertical installation (fold-down) thanks to the patented VLS joint. The layer of 0.55 mm transparent vinyl is reinforced with PU, which allows it to be used in high-traffic commercial environments (cl 33) and makes it easy to clean and bacteria-proof, so much so that it has A+ health and environmental certification.

9- Oximoro Oxford

The wooden parquet that "steals" the practicality of VLS joint technology, typical of engineered products. In fact, the VLS joint with which it is equipped guarantees an optimal seal and rapid laying, both floating and with glue, with a truly innovative application result for the world of wooden floors. The finishes are made with a new technology varnish, with a wax effect, which gives a warm and material depth effect.

10- No Germ System

Two new extremely effective hygiene solutions have been added to Skema's range of cleaning products for laminate and synthetic floors.
PuliSystem and SaniTotal are two products designed to sanitise and decontaminate surfaces, both of which can be combined with traditional cleaning using the Multilayer Cleaner.


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