Surface finishes for Oximoro parquet

The surface finish is a fundamental part of the aesthetic performance of the parquet.
An element that can completely change the appearance of the wooden floor, even with the same essence and color, giving it a more or less lived-in, old or modern appearance.

In the Oximoro line by Skema, in each collection you can find several surface treatments for each product. This variety of combinations has been created to offer customers the widest possible choice of wooden floors, ranging from simple to more complex processes. 
In this article we give you a short guide that summarizes all the surface finishes in the Oximoro line.


Craftsmanship that gives the table a pleasant appearance marked by time. Brushed parquet is obtained by using rotary brushes on the surface of the wood that remove only the softest part and highlight the fibrous part. The result is a material effect, rough to the touch and slightly more resistant to wear.


Handcrafted workmanship strictly handmade stave by stave; the table is "carved" even against vein to bring out more of the characteristics of the wood.


An artisan work that produces important cuts on the table, making it "lived".


It reproduces a soft and non-invasive serration, similar to the texture of the gauze fabric, obtained by working the wood in both longitudinal and latitudinal directions.


Natural technique that occurs by reaction of the material performed in an autoclave or by impregnation and that gives an aged effect to the wood.


Finish that involves the application of oils on the surface of the wood, is distinguished by the naturalness of the color that the parquet takes on highlighting veins and shades of wood.


Finish performed by applying a surface film of varnish that protects the wood from mechanical and chemical stresses, making it more resistant and easier to clean.

In addition to these, which are the main finishes present in the Oximoro line, we would also like to point out other processes that can be found in the Skema wood flooring collections:

Destructuring - mechanical planing of wood in several directions.
Smoking - the parquet is placed in ovens that darken it in all its thickness.
Pickling - the wood is brushed, varnished and then smoothed until it has lighter veins tending towards white that allow a glimpse of the darker colour of the wood.
Evaporation - during drying, the wood is treated with jets of steam, altering the tannin contained in the wood and darkening the boards.
Whitening - the parquet is painted with a white colour.

Each product in the Oximoro line is the result of skilful surface processing, however Skema also offers a customisation service called Oximoro Live that allows you to choose not only the colour and size of the staves, but also the finish with which to work on the surface of the parquet.
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