Skema's answers to the world of Contract

Contract is a field of work that is not identified in a specific sector but translates into a modus operandi and can be quickly defined by the term turnkey project. It is a type of service that is applied at different levels, all united by the principle that the project is followed and managed by a single contractor that undertakes to complete the order within the agreed time frame and according to the agreed specifications.

Contract and its many applications

Contract is an area that operates in different sectors: from the great world of Ho.Re.Ca. (Hotellerie- Restaurant-Cafè) also called Hospitality, the area of private luxury furniture, the Office sector, the public sector, up to the world of exhibition stands. Some of the needs that these sectors have in common are different and the contractor must be able to meet them: certain delivery times, tailor-made or customised work, technical skills in different areas, ability to coordinate all the voices of the order.

Contract is therefore a complex world full of variants and data to collect and coordinate, an environment where it is essential to be able to anticipate problems and carefully choose reliable and proactive suppliers.

What are the characteristics of good partners for the contract sector?

Skema as a partner of contract companies responds to their needs with a dedicated service, a competent team and a varied offer, full of technological and innovative solutions.
We can summarize the characteristics that allow Skema to give tangible solutions to the contract world in 6 points:


Skema's proposal is very wide and includes all hot floors: laminate, wood, lvt, wood composite, decking wpc, raised, wall and ceiling coverings.
Such a wide range allows us to give a prompt response to each of the needs that emerge in a contract order. Many products for many environments, from interiors to exteriors, up to walls, but a single interlocutor to cover all spaces.


Skema is specialized in hot floors and walls, with more than 25 years of experience in the sector and an aptitude for the constant renewal of lines in terms of aesthetics and performance. Such a deep know-how of the sector makes Skema a partner to ask for advice right from the design stage.


The theme of innovation is so dear to Skema that it cyclically dedicates events and meetings to it in order to spread to customers and retailers the awareness of how the most innovative technologies are constantly applied to Skema products and how this allows to solve construction and furnishing problems. Applied technology has led Skema to create patented products, such as Evertech and Lumbertech, the latter is an engineered wood with a wear resistance that no parquet can reach and is used in public environments with high foot traffic. Among the latest innovations introduced there is also the SPC Star.K, so versatile and totally waterproof that its application is virtually universal. These are just a few examples of how Skema can provide solutions for concrete, focusing on details that make the difference: low thickness, easy cleaning, scratch resistance, and many other features.


The contract world needs the guarantee of being able to count on customisable products, because no matter how vast the choice, individual orders always show the need for at least one custom product. Also this service in Skema is not missing, together with the commercial reference it is possible to define the customization of the various products in the catalog, in sizes and finishes.

5-Dedicated assistance

Knowing the peculiarities of the turnkey sector, Skema has put in place a team of specialists able to follow the contractors in all their needs, from the initial design of the order. Expert designers and designers who have a deep knowledge of both the world of flooring and construction and act as a meeting point between the two sectors.


A reliable partner can advise, propose solutions and transmit knowledge. For this reason, with Skema you can take advantage of the advice and internal design of the environments. In particular in soundproofing projects of spaces, before the supply of materials, Skema performs the study of sound distribution and develops a correction project through the use of the system of walls and false ceilings Vertical.

Thanks also to the Contract world, Skema surfaces are laid in villas, shops, offices and public spaces all over the world. Often exclusive realizations that hide behind their beauty many solved problems and satisfied peculiarities. A confirmation that applied technology, the ability to anticipate the dynamics of realization, attention and listening to the customer always lead to the realization of ambitious projects with an international scope.



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