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Skema's 2019 milestones and 2020 projects

Skema's activities during the year are always many: new products, more and more training, big partenership and events, in Italy and abroad, are the elements that concretize the company philosophy always oriented towards innovation.
It is with this outlook, towards the future, that we want to sum up a year of activity, with some anticipations on where the road traced out in 2019 will lead us.


2019 was the year of technological surfaces, first of all Star.Kthe SPC of Sintesy line, which conquered the market and was the protagonist of many achievements, also described in our news section. To contend for the Star.k scepter as product of the year, the great revolution of wood composite floors. The former Lindura and Nadura have done much more than a simple name change in Lumbertech ed Evertech, they have seen a radical renewal of the proposal, in aesthetics and structure.

In 2020

Projects about products in 2020 will involve in particular the Living laminate flooring line, which will be the protagonist of a substantial renewal, both in the structures and in the decorations ... an important step into the future for this line wich is the father of the floors reproduced. The world of synthetic coverings Sintesy will continue its evolution and will see new products arrive, while others will leave. Headlights focused on Oximorothe line that collects all the wood proposals, because it will be at the centre of an innovative company project.


The strategic partnership with the designer Franco Driusso has given rise to new projects, new spaces and a greater sensitivity to specific sectors throughout the year, which has led to an intensified dialogue with the project and contract world.

In 2019, we saw the new Skema environments populate the new locations, paths that make the company visit a narrative experience with corners that are more dynamic, modular, extremely impressive and attractive.
We also opened a new space, this time online, the Skema Outlet, a section of the site where you can find all the leftovers of products out of the collection at special prices and temporary promotions on products in the collection. 

In 2020

2020 will be a year of continuity, where the projects launched will be implemented and new strategic proposals will be added, oriented to give more and more support and key tools to our partners and customers.


MISSION: Skema - One Step Into The Future and The Big 5 in Dubai, are just the two most important events on the Skema 2019 agenda. In 2020, together with the many meetings and participation in local exhibitions, we will participate in an Italian event but with a very important international context. Finally, there will also be the traditional company appointment at Skema headquarters, where you can get to know and touch all the new products presented. 


At the headquarters, in September, began the lessons of the Weki program, the training proposal divided into specific courses for retailers, professionals or laying technicians. The training year continues in 2020, always in the name of current events and innovation. There are many dates available and registrations are always open.

Outside the Skema offices, the Skema meetings within the Infoprogetto circuit will continue in 2020. Our second edition in 2019 of the format, created to offer a punctual update for architects, engineers and surveyors and recognized by the respective registers, has seen us winners of many awards, especially as the most innovative product proposed during the meetings. Such a success that it shows great interest in Skema solutions and we hope it will be repeated with the new products that we will present in this 2020 edition.

2019 has been an intense and satisfying year, now it is time to look at the new 2020 with enthusiasm and energy, ready to offer new ideas and innovative solutions.