Restructuring: the new trend in the construction market

The latest official figures data date back to 2017 and only confirm a trend that has been going on for some years: the building market is driven by the renovation and renewal of environments.
In Italy that year there was a double expenditure in the renovation market compared to 2016, equal to 47 billion euros, compared to 19 billion spent on the purchase of new homes.
According to the data collected in the report Scenari Immobiliari and Paspartu, in 2017 sales of homes to be renovated were 23.3% against new housing that were 15% of sales, for a total of used properties that then touches 85% of sales.
Another data that encourages renovations is the general state of the houses in Italy: 54% of residential construction dates back to the 60s and even 4% before 1919 (source Istat).

Factors that increase restructuring

A saturated market, outdated existing houses and reduced purchasing power are the first factors that lead to the choice of a renovation. But there are also other aspects that encourage it, such as the tax incentives for the sector that are extended year by year or even more, the desire to optimize energy efficiency and housing welfare by focusing on the recovery of existing buildings and thus preserving their historical value.

What we renovate more 

According to research conducted in 2018 by Houzz, the portal that connects professionals and individuals, the environment of the house on which to intervene most is the bathroom, although once the decision to renovate the house has been taken, this mostly affects all its environments. The second place in the ranking of the most renovated rooms is the kitchen, followed by the living room and then the sleeping area.

Renovations and hot floors

The renewal of a house or an environment has some rules to respect in order for the operation to be successful, the most important are the respect of the budget and the execution of works in a short time. When it comes to the surfaces, hot floors can help us thanks to their characteristics that comply with the two rules (timing and cost) of the renovation.
The features of floors such as Laminates and LVT that make renovation operations easier are: 
low thickness
dry laying
low costs
short execution times

Low thickness

Among Skema floors, the Sintesy line boasts, among its various characteristics, that of having low thicknesses, an average of 6 mm, which allow installation on existing floors without having to intervene on existing fixtures.
A significant advantage that reduces installation times and costs and allows you to enjoy a warm floor, practical in cleaning and adaptable in all environments. With Star.K, a latest-generation LVT, it is possible to bring the warm tones of wood to the renovation of the bathroom, as this material is totally waterproof.

Dry laying

Dry laying is another of the advantages of the floors proposed by Skema, from Living laminates to Oximoro wood, all involve dry laying, a method that in addition to being environmentally friendly because it does not require the use of adhesives, is also a fast and after installation is immediately walkable.

Reduced costs and time

Skema floors are designed to offer technological solutions and design at an affordable price, this is possible thanks to the characteristics of flexibility, lightness, ease of installation and possibility of doing so on existing surfaces. These qualities reduce the time required for intervention, as there is no need to intervene at a structural level and no need to remove existing floors. While the laying of a ceramic floor or with glued laying requires a long time, with Skema surfaces such as LVT, laminates, but also with composite wood, the time is drastically reduced, for example, for an apartment of 80 square meters just one day of work for the laying of the floor by expert hands.

We have seen how renovating is increasingly considered an intelligent choice, combining the desire to improve the well-being of the home with faster turnaround times and lower budgets, more and more people are choosing this path and Skema is at their side with solutions that are perfectly suited to these building needs.


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