verticalize your idea of sound

At the end of the eighties came out a cartoon that marked forever the children of the time and also those of successive generations. Once Upon a Time... Life is the cartoon that has been able to tell in such a simple way the human body that since then, whoever saw it, can only imagine the body as a large city populated by beings, each with its job.
In the episode dedicated to the ear, the first thing that this cartoon explains is that we do not "hear" with the ear but with the brain. It is the organ that elaborates the sound wave and translates it into noise, music, voice.
But if it is true that we perceive with the ear, we feel with the brain and we elaborate with the whole body its sensation, perhaps what we call sound is a much more articulated phenomenon than it appears.
In fact the sound translates into information, alarm, emotion and why not, in a state of mind.

And if you were told that sound is also well-being and beauty? And that there is a current of thought that is being affirmed in the world of interior design that puts at the center of the projects also the sound factor?

The design of the environments that respects the hearing

Just like the cartoon on the human body, even those who design the spaces today must look to the environment as a set of actors where everyone does its part, these actors are the architectural elements, materials and construction techniques that all together create harmonious spaces.
This is what we have also dealt with in the last formative meetings Man @ Work made here in Skema. We wanted to introduce this design trend aimed at improving the wellbeing in the environments that uses revolutionary materials and installation techniques in their simplicity. We called it Vertical System and it groups Skema solutions to improve the acoustic effect of the spaces but also decorate with originality.
The proposals designed for the phono correction are two: Fonika which, with its specific system with resonant cavities, allows to improve the sound performance of the spaces and Akustika, ideal for all those places such as cinemas, bars, restaurants and workplaces where it is High sound absorption capacity is required.
The decorative solutions are Tekna, Vertical Flooring and Open Mind, three projects that have in common the enhancement of the vertical dimension of the environments.

Focus on Vertical System Solutions

FONIKA consists of sound-absorbing wall cladding planks realized for the acoustic treatment of the environment. Thanks to Skema exclusive system of resonant chambers, Fonika guarantees excellent acoustic performances and, at the same time, an elegant design that can be customized in the sizes, decors and finishes.
Very special planks are obtained from the working of the MDF panels. During the installation the planks are coupled to create a wall covering and at the same time to form the acoustic resonators. These consist of cavities inside the wall covering, connected to the outside by holes on the plank surface.
The plenum is filled with mineral mats that improve the characteristics of sound absorption. Fonika can be also produced in the DF version, with fire retardant features of Class B,s2-d0.

AKUSTIKA WALL PANELS are milled on the surface and drilled inside to form a set of cavities within which the sound is absorbed and dispersed.
The system has been designed with specific profiling for a practical and quick assembly, that at the same time guarantees an aesthetic optimum performance.
With DF Akustika version, the product, thanks to a special panel, obtains the fire classification B,s2-d0, suitable to be used in spaces where a specific class of fire reaction is requested.

TEKNA is the collection of aesthetic false walls to cover the vertical surfaces with different heights.
In addition to the decors offered with DPL technology, now the range has also some decors on HPL surface, choosing among 250 choices of Arpa 4 you, that could be used for doors and furnishings, creating a whole. Available also in DF version fire resistant in range B-s2, d0. With the application of AKUSTIKA profiling, TEKNA becomes a wall covering for the sound correction.

VERTICAL FLOORING declines the surfaces from flooring to wall. In this collection are collected the decorative solutions with a strong appeal to the material and its peculiar aesthetic performance. We find Vertical K-uno, Vertical Oximoro, Vertical Lindura,and Vertical Nadura.

OPEN MIND VERTICAL is a system of customization of the walls through wood panels made of unique and hand-crafted workmanship, able to decorate in a scenic way luxurious spaces such as hotel lobbies, meeting and representation rooms, executive offices or large villas.
Inlays, geometries, color games, innovative and original ideas for an unconventional use of wood material that is proposed in a creative way to turn a simple wall into a real picture of refined and exclusive design.

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